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Coffee pour-overs work like coffee machines, a paper filter is placed in the cup and the ground coffee is placed inside. Boiling water is slowly poured over, where the ground coffee will soak up the hot water, and expel the delicious dark roasted flavour. Hand poured coffee tends to have more flavour than french presses, and is my #1 go to for a good cup of coffee. 

  • Handmade coffee pour-over glazed with pink and blue tones.¬†
  • Pour-over fits 4-6 cup paper filters for small to large cups of your favourite coffee.¬†
  • Base measures approximately 100mm diameter
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Each pour-over comes with 10 unbleached 4-6 cup size filter papers

How to use a pour-over: 

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